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Think Global – Act Local is a partner of the collective known as the Green Skills Partnership CIC and strives to address issues within the Construction sector that need immediate attention.


Being involved with such an organisation that focuses a lot of its environmental responsibilities,

Think Global – Act Local, plays a positive role in overall deliberation which, in this instance, relates to

“up-cycling” of un-used materials from Construction Operations.

Initially an idea of Director Grant Lukacs, his father Steve has now moved the project forward, in tandem with the Green Skills partnership CIC, to enable realisation of the concept.

Steve Lukacs has many years of experience as a Construction Site Manager and therefore has a very good background knowledge of the problem this initiative is trying to address to a positive outcome. He has, in the past, done some “trails” to determine uptake within the Industry to good effect.


Along with his colleague Tony Sanders, who represents the Green Skills partnership CIC, they intend to work with the Industry to negate a problem, both locally and Nationally, that all Construction sites have to deal with, especially those with several build phases. Also, allowing local residents, and training providers, being able to access new materials, at zero cost to themselves, is seen as somewhat of a “ground breaker” in concept.

Meet the Team

Steve Lukacs


Highly experienced Construction site manager with over 25 years in working in variables of sectors within the Industry. His acute awareness of the environmental impacts of Construction processes led to Steve instigating programmes that were aimed at helping negate said impacts via cutting down on the amount of waste that the Industry generates. This initiative led, over a course of time of trailing such programmes, to the formation of TGAL and Steve now leads and oversees the endeavours they have put in place.

Rab Hendry

Senior Management team member


Operations support manager

Rab has been involved with all aspects of the Construction and allied Infrastructure sectors that has given him to have serious consideration to the negative impacts that some of the operations of the Industry have on the environment and the carbon footprint it leaves. Rab will support all, those working under the TGAL banner using his extensive knowledge of the value of IAG to ensure individuals work to their best advantage and in harmony with others.

Paul Burns

Operational board member and Planning Consultation

Pauls vast knowledge, and experience, of operational protocols and the planning of such in relation to Industrial practices and their impact on the Environment. The recycling and upcycling of excess resources that result from such practices are very high on Pauls agenda and he is always keen to investigate, and instigate, potential opportunities to forward the objectives of TGAL

Dave Naghi 

Planning and Operational  Board member

Dave has many years of engagement within the Construction and Local Government sectors. His relationship with the latter is a vital ingredient of the operations of TGAL via promotion of its endeavours in order to enable operational compliance to be in place thus allowing continuity of process at all times.

Tony Sanders

Senior Management team member and Head of Quality Assurance

Tony has over 30 years’ experience working in the Construction and Environmental sectors as a lecturer, assessor and IQA. His job role is to ensure all that TGAL deliberates over meets the quality “kite mark” as set out in its manifesto and that all endeavours are fully compliant with the set protocols of any regulated body that TGAL engage with.

Stuart Barber

Operational board member and Environmental Manager

Stuart brings “to the table” so to speak, the knowledge he gleaned from his many years working as Project Manager for TUC Union Learn whose remit was to highlight the Environmental problems arising from the operations of Industries both Nationally and further afield. He has, and continues to do so, spoken publicly about the impact of such negative operations have on the environment and local communities.

Brian Stiling

Environmental team member

A highly qualified tutor and assessor of the Environmental impacts of the operations of the  Construction Industry. Brian’s attributes, and aspirations, allows him to engage successfully with both Industry sectors and the general populace alike to the best advantage of all concerned.

Angela Vincent

Head of Marketing

Angela is a highly effective communicator of ideas and concepts which are broad based in context. She is a prime mover in the promotion of Green Social Housing Projects with an emphasis on the Construction Industry becoming more Environmentally friendly. Angela promotes TGAL via various platforms and is a key member of the team.

Owen Taylor

Technical Advisor (Plastics)

Owen has a degree in Engineering specialising in plastic fabrication. With over 20 years experience in this and is also a qualified teacher.

Westgrove State University Central Stude
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