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Become a Green Ambassador within the Construction Industry

Although there are other courses that address the Green Agenda, this course is directed at the Construction Industry and the impact it has on both the Local and National environments.

Recent research (Bimhow 2019) shows that the Construction Industry is responsible for:

  • 23% of Air pollution

  • 50% of Climate change

  • 40% of Water pollution

  • 50% of Landfill Wastes

  • 40% of Worldwide Energy use-age

These figures show that the operations of the Construction Industry contribute, in a negative way, to Environmental and Carbon Footprint impact. In fact, these figures show that the Construction Industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet.

In conjunction with the Greenskills Partnership we will be launching a brand new initiative to train people to attain the status of Green Ambassadors that, in the main, address unnecessary wastage of materials within the Construction Industry. They will also be given other skills sets that gives them a greater understanding of Environmental issues in general.

For more information please contact the team.

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